Majority of Fellowships Agree to “Common Decision Date”

72 Participating Fellowships will Begin Making Offers for 2022-23 Positions on October 18

In a move to bring greater consistency and transparency to the fellowship application process, the majority of Addiction Medicine programs have agreed to participate in a “common decision date” for the current recruitment cycle. Under the agreement, the participating fellowships (85% of ACGME-accredited Addiction Medicine programs) will begin making offers for 2022-23 positions on October 18.

The “common decision date” agreement is designed to give candidates and participating fellowships alike a reasonable period of time to conduct interviews and assess options. Fellowships had traditionally started making offers on individual timelines, but that uncoordinated arrangement had become stressed as the number of programs and candidates grew.

The “common date” programs agreed to not make offers between July 21 (the date that ERAS applications become available to fellowships for review) and October 18, creating a 3-month window for interviews. The agreement allows for offers to be made before July 21 to “internal candidates” (such as applicants from affiliated residencies) who were applying only to one program.

The agreement also calls on participating programs to give candidates 48 hours to accept an offer; if the offer is not accepted, the program can then extend subsequent offers.

View a list of participating fellowships. Candidates should contact fellowships for details on application and interview schedules. Many programs are expected to continue taking applications until all positions are filled.