Addiction Medicine Match Participation

Addiction Medicine has joined "The Match." Eighty-two (89%) of the 92 ACGME-accredited fellowships are participating, and the vast majority of fellowship positions for the 2023-2024 academic year (also known as the 2023 appointment year) will be filled through the Medicine and Pediatric Specialties Match. The ACAAM fellowship directory shows which programs are participating. 

Match Informational Session with NRMP

We are happy to share the recording and slides of the April 14, 2022, presentation “Addiction Medicine Orientation to the Match.” This highly informative session by Jeanette Calli, NRMP Chief of Match Operations, was given in preparation for addiction medicine’s inaugural Match season this year. The recording includes a wide-ranging Q&A addressing questions posed by fellowship program directors and coordinators.

Medicine and Pediatric Specialties Match Participation Timeline

NRMP Preloads the R3 System May 2022
ERAS 2023 Season Begins June 8, 2022
ERAS - fellowship applicants may begin submitting applications July 6, 2022
ERAS - programs may begin reviewing applications July 20, 2022
NRMP Welcome Newsletter August 2022
NRMP Registration Opens August 24, 2022
Rank List Opens September 28, 2022
Quota Change Deadline November 2, 2022
Rank List Deadline November 16, 2022
Match Day November 30, 2022
ERAS 2022 Season Ends May 31, 2023










Participation in the NRMP Match offers many benefits, including:

  • Allows applicants and programs to consider all options before making a decision
  • Creates an impartial venue for matching programs’ and applicants’ preferences
  • Establishes a uniform date for appointments to GME programs
  • Professionalizes the recruitment process
  • Provides uniform time for both applicants and programs to make their selections without pressure
  • Levels the playing field among programs
  • Allows programs to interview more applicants
  • Eliminates undue pressure on programs to select applicants before all interviews are complete

Match Processes and Policies

Visit the NRMP and ERAS websites for answers to frequently asked questions.

For Institutions and Programs

For Fellowship Applicants

ACAAM will play a sponsorship and convening role related to the Match and is committed to doing everything we can to support physicians in becoming experts in addiction medicine.

Contact ACAAM Member Services at [email protected] or 301.656.3880 with any questions.